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The Medieval complex of Ston and Mali Ston is half an hour away from Zuljana. In the early 13th century the Ston walls were built as a first line of defence to the Dubrovnik Republic, protecting the peninsula Peljesac. Ston is also famous for its salt-pens which are the oldest and the largest preserved ones in Mediterranean history. An excellent quality of salt is still produced with the same method that has not changed throughout the centuries. 

There is a beautiful town square with cafes, art galleries and shops.

The secret of Mali Ston is a Dalmatian culinary experiences you don't want to miss. It is  famous for its oysters. 

Dubrovnik,'the Pearl of the Adriatic' - is  a living fairy tale that shouldn't be missed which is only an hour away from Zuljana.

With an epic history, breezy Mediterranean culture, Dubrovnik is one of Europe's best old towns. The highlight of any day in Dubrovnik is strolling the scenic mile around the Old Town's city walls. As you wander between a sea of orange roofs on one side and the actual sea on the other,  ponder how Dubrovnik's charm is the sleepy result of its extraordinary past. Busy merchants, the salt trade and shipbuilding made Dubrovnik rich. But the city's most valued commodity was always its freedom.

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